Orange Rewards is a loyalty food program created for OSU students, staff, faculty and other affiliated guests of Oregon State University by University Housing & Dining Services, the Memorial Union, and the OSU ID Center. Terms and conditions include:

  • In order to complete your Orange Rewards registration you will need to make an initial deposit of at least $25 and no more than $500.
  • Funds are not transferable between Orange Rewards, OSU Card Cash, UHDS Dining Dollars, or any other accounts.
  • Coupon limitations and restrictions may apply when used in conjunction with the Orange Rewards discount program.
  • Add additional spendable dollars to your Orange Rewards account via:
    • the MyCard website
      (*$25 minimum -$500 maximum deposits. Must use applicable credit or debit card for transaction)
    • in person at the OSU ID Center in B094 Kerr with cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard
  • Orange Rewards carries over from term to term and year to year as long as you are affiliated with the university
    (*When leaving the university, you can obtain any remaining balance minus a nominal administrative fee.)
  • Membership is free

Consent to receive email. Orange Rewards will communicate your benefits and other membership information to you by email and electronic postings on our site. In order to view this membership and benefit information in electronic form, you agree to receive communications electronically. You may withdraw this consent by canceling the service. You should expect membership emails from Orange Rewards on a regular basis regarding account information, benefit updates, special offers and member news. If you would like a printed copy of any membership information, you may email us at and we would be happy to send it to you. Orange Rewards communications will be sent to your ONID address.  If you are using a different email address, please make sure your ONID email is forwarded to your preferred email address.

Privacy Policy Your information will not be utilized for other purposes beyond the Orange Rewards program.