For your convenience, you can dine at one of 27 locations all over campus. All campus food locations are wi-fi ready hot spots so bring your laptop. All locations are operated by the MU Retail Foodservice or University Housing & Dining Services. Click on the building name to find a map of the location.
Arnold Center* South end of campus in Arnold Hall.

Austin HallOn Jefferson Way 

Dixon Recreation Center On 26th Street across from the intramural fields.

International Living-Learning Center*
South end of campus on SW 'A' St behind Halsell Hall.

Kelley Engineering Center Campus Way near 26th Street.

Linus Pauling InstituteCampus Way near 30th Street.

Marketplace West* West end of campus near 30th and Jefferson.

McNary Dining* East side of campus in McNary Hall.

Memorial Union In the center of campus at Jefferson and 26th.

Valley Library Just east of the Memorial Union.

Weatherford Hall* At 26th Street and Jefferson Way.

*Dining options facilitated by University Housing & Dining Services.