Wild Plant Foods: FUNGI

Agaricus campestris, MEADOW MUSHROOM- (August to October) stewed, broiled, etc.
Agaricus arvensis, FIELD MUSHROOM (August to Octrober) stewed, broiled, etc.
Armillaria mellea, HONEY MKUSHROOM (summer an d fall) soaked and stewed.
Boletus granulatus, GRANULATED BOLETUS (August to late fall) caps peeled and trimmed of tubes, cooked.
Boletus scaber, ROUGH-STEMMED BOLETUS (July to November) caps peeled and trimmed of tubes, cooked.
Calvatia cyathiformis and C. gigantea, PUFFBALL-(summer, while young and white) peeled, sliced and fried or chopped in batter and baked.
Cantharellus cibarius, CHANTERELLE (summer and early fall) soaked and then fried; may be dried.
Cantharellus cinnabarinus, CINNABAR CHANTARELLE (July to September) caps, not stems, stewed or fried.
Cantharellus umbonatus, GRAYLINGS (summer and fall and through mild winters), stewed; may be dried.
Clavaria spp., CORAL MUSHROOM (summer and fall) stewed, or chopped in batter and baked.
Collybia radicata, ROOTED COLLYBIA (June to October) caps, cooked.
Collybia velutipes, VELVET-STEMMED COLLYBIA (fall, winter, spring) caps, peeled, cooked.
Coprinus atramentarius, INK CAP MUSHROOM (spring, late summer, fall) baked or cooked as stew.
Coprinus comatus, SHAGGY MANE MUSHROOM (early summer to fall) baked or as stew.
coprinus micaceusk, GLISTENING COPRINUS (early spring, all summer, fall) caps baked in batter.
Fistulina hepatica, BEEFSTEAK MUSHROOM (summer to early fall) broiled, fried or stewed.
Hydnum caput-ursi, BEAR'S HEAD FUNGUS- (summer, fall) stewed or baked.
Hydnum coralloides, HEDGEHOG MUSHROOM- (summer and fall) stewed and then baked.
Hygrophorus miniatus, VERMILION MUSHROOM (June to September), variously cooked.
Hypholoma perlexum, RED HYPHOLOMA (September to November) fried or sauteed.
Lactarius deliciosus, ORANGE MILK MUSHROOM (summer and fall) stewed or baked for an hour.
Lactarius subdulcis, SWEETISH LACTARIUS (July to October) baked.
Lactarius piperatus, PEPPERY LACTARIUS, parasitized by Hypomyces - (summer and early fall) sliced, stewed for hour or more.
Lepiota procera, PARASOL MUSHROOM (July to September) caps baked quickly.
Lycoperdon spp., PUFFBALL (summer) sliced and fried or chopped in batter and baked.
Marasmius oreades, FAIRY RING MUSHROOM (early summer to fall) sauteed; may be dried.
Morchella spp., MOREL (May and June) variously cooked; may be dried.
Pleurotus ostreatus, OYSTER MUSHROOM (summer and early fall)-fried in batter.
Pleurotus ulmarius, ELM MUSHROOM (summer and fall) young caps or tender parts of old caps, chopped and stewed.
Polyporus spp., esp. P. sulphureus, SULPHUR MUSHROOM young (summer to late fall), sliced and stewed; may be dried.
Russula virescens, GREEN RUSSULA (July, August) peeled, sliced, raw or fried.
Tricholoma equestre, CANARY MUSHROOM (fall to winter), fried or as soup.

Updated: Wednesday, May 23, 2012.