What are some selected varieties of parsnips?

The most common varieties, described by the USDA in leaflet 545, (6) are:
"All American, the most popular variety, reaches harvest stage in about 105 days. The flesh is white, with small tender core and fine flavor. The roots are smooth and slender, and grow 10 to 12 inches long and about 3 inches thick at the shoulder.

Cuernseln reaches harvest stage in about 100 days. The skin is light and quite smooth. The flesh is fine grained, tender, and sugary. The roots grow 12 inches long, 3 inches across at the shoulder, and taper gradually to the tip.

Hollow Crown reaches harvest stage in about 120 days. When fully developed, the roots are 15 inches long, 23/ 4 inches across at the shoulder, and have few side roots. The tlesh is tine grained, white, and of good quality." (6)

GRADES United States standards for grades of parsnips, reissued June '2, 1967, provide for two grades, U.S. I and U.S. 2. ( 15 )

"U.S. 1 consists of parsnips of similar varietal characteristics which are well trimmed~~ fairly well formed. fairly smooth, fairly clean? fairly firm, free from woodiness, soft rot or wet breakdown, and from damage caused by discoloration, bruises, cuts, rodents, growth cracks, pithiness, diseasc, insects, mechanical or other means. (a) Unless otherwise specified, the diametcr of each parsnip shall be not less than 1l/2 inches.

Excerpted from Sackett, Clarice. 1975June. Fruit & Vegetable Facts & Pointers: Parsnips. United Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Association 1019 19th Street, NW, Washington DC.

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