b. CH3-(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)7COOH
c. CH3-(CH2)16-COOH

    Which of the above fatty acids is most likely a solid? (C as it is most saturated with the longest chain) Which of the above fatty acids likely has the most odor?(A as it is the shortest chain and, more importantly has the lowest melting point so it will volatilize.)
    Which of the above fatty acid likely is liquid at room temperature?(A or B very short chain fatty acids have a low melting point whether saturated or unsaturated; unsaturated fatty acids are usually an oil due to their low melting point.)
    Which of the above fatty acid is susceptible to oxidative rancidity? B requires a unsaturated fatty acid for oxygen to be added and oxidative rancidity to occur.)
    Which of the above keep refrigerated best in salad dressings?

    (C as one factor that decreases oxidative rancidity is to remove energy.
    If a triglyceride consisted of all of one fatty acid (unusual), which would most likely be used in salad dressing?(B due to the unsaturated.

    Updated: Wednesday, May 23, 2012.